Speed News ran a Race Gear story in May on a new head and neck restraint from Meru Safety. According to Meru and the SFI Foundation website, the Meru device had received SFI 38.1 certification, but the sticker wasn’t shown in the photos.

That’s because the SFI sticker is applied beneath the left shoulder pad on the underside of the device. All Meru head and neck restraints that hav ever been shipped have SFI certification labels in place and the appropriate certification from the SFI Foundation.



Image courtesy of Meru


  1. All of our SFI stickers are placed under the left shoulder pad. We do this to keep the sticker out of harms way. Since all of the stickers have to be hole punched for month and year, any scratches or damage to the sticker could confuse the date window. We hand label all of the braces here in OKC as soon as we get a shipment in from our factory. We only purchase as many SFI labels as we have braces ordered, and have never had extra labels. Every brace that has gone out our doors has had a label. We take this very seriously. Further questions can be sent to [email protected]

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