Mike Weber piloted his Infiniti G20 to two PTE wins at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in March.

NASA Great Lakes Performance Touring started the 2018 season at NCM Motorsports Park. The cold and rain in the forecast didn’t deter the three PTE entrants from showing up to race. As the old adage goes, any day at the track is better than no day at the track!

Qualifying for Saturday’s race had Mike Weber in his No. 777 Infiniti G20 on pole. In the rain, Aaron Spiegel in his No. 42 Miata had a great start when the green flag dropped, gaining the lead, but Weber repassed Spiegel before Turn 1! A full-course caution before the first lap was completed meant a restart. This time Weber gained two positions because Spiegel missed a shift. Meanwhile, Robert Ellis in his No. 2 VW Scirocco quickly discovered his timing self-advanced immensely due to an improperly tightened distributor and retired after just four laps. Spiegel was never able to catch Weber in the 10-lap race, so the finishing positions were Weber in first, Spiegel in second with Ellis in third.

Ellis was unable to drive Sunday due to a schedule conflict, so that brought about a change in driver for the No. 2 Scirocco, with Chris Weber taking the wheel. During qualifying, Spiegel lost power but was able to pull safely out of harm’s way. Spiegel could not restart the car and obtain any qualifying times. Mike Weber didn’t go out for qualifying, which left the Scirocco on pole to start the race. Spiegel was unable to make it to grid due to a failed fuel pump relay. This left Sunday’s race to be Weber versus Weber in PTE. Mike Weber had another great start and was able to secure a comfortable lead again securing first place for day two. Ultimately the Scirocco saw the checkered flag, which was a victory in itself! Sunday’s finishing positions were Michael Weber in first with Chris Weber in second.

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