No. 152 Dylan Stancil picked up his first NASA Southeast win on Sunday at Roebling Road Raceway in January. No. 70. JR Kaney took the win on Saturday.

In Saturday’s qualifying at Roebling Road in January, Steve Kaney grabbed pole position, laying down a 1:23.453, followed by Keith Williamson, Yan Dia, JR Kaney and Dylan Stancil.

The Spec Miatas got a quick green and by Turn 1 on lap one, yellow flags were already out for a multicar Spec E30 wreck in Turn 2. The race was red-flagged, then went to a double-yellow. As the Spec Miata field rounded Turn 7, the double-yellow flags were pulled in as the green waved at the start line. Many Spec E30s in front of the SM field didn’t appear to see the yellow flags pulled in, which resulted in chaotic start.

On lap 11 Stancil got by Dia on the outside of Turn 4 to take the lead. Dia retook the lead on the next lap entering Turn 1 and then checked up in Turn 4 for an E30. Stancil dived in, boxing Dia behind the E30 to retake the lead. Dia swung out from behind the E30, got inside Stancil at Turn 5 before Stancil could turn in. The two raced side by side exiting Turn 5 all the way to the finish line where Stancil edged out Dia for the win with JR Kaney in third.

For Sunday’s race, Keith Williamson laid down a 1:23.256 to qualify P1 followed by Yan Dia, Steve Kaney, JR Kaney and James Harrell. On lap four, Dia got loose exiting Turn 5 and as Steve Kaney moved left entering Turn 6 to give room for Dia to recover, Kaney dropped a tire off and spun into the sand trap.

On lap 16, Williamson tried to pass an E30 on the inside entering Turn 4 but the E30 shut the door on him and as Williamson tried to check up, they both went four-off as Dia and JR Kaney moved up to P1 and P2. Williamson got back on track in P3 and started to chase down the leaders. On Lap 22, Dia got loose exiting Turn 6 and Williamson got a run on him through Turn 9, bump drafted Dia, then got beside Dia entering Turn 1. Dia got boxed in as Williamson passed a back-marker Spec Miata on the inside of Turn 2 to take P2. On the last lap, JR Kaney got loose in Turn 4, Williamson closed up to about a car length of JR’s bumper and got a little bit of a run coming out of Turn 6 but not enough to threaten JR Kaney’s first NASA Southeast win. Yan Dia took home third.

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