No. 86 Jarrett Jones picked up two Spec Miata wins at the Race for Pi at Road Atlanta in March.

Spec Miata had another great field with 22 Miatas at the Race for Pi at Road Atlanta in March. On Saturday, Jarrett Jones grabbed pole position followed by Yan Dia, Adam Roberts, Keith Williamson and Dylan Stancil.

After the green, Dia got a run on Jones and led into Turn 3, with Williamson dropping to fourth behind Roberts, Stancil and Jason Ball. Ball missed a downshift into Turn 5 and spun, scattering the middle of the SM field with all involved avoiding contact. On lap two, a Spec E30 lost it in the Esses and hit the wall hard, bringing out a double-yellow.

After the restart, Dia and Jones started bump-drafting on the back straight trying to gap the field. On lap nine, Jones passed Dia on the back straight for the lead and then Roberts made the inside pass on Dia in Turn 1 to take second. Stancil then passed Dia in Turn 3, leaving the order Jones, Roberts, Stancil, Dia and Williamson.

The next time down the back straight, Dia and Williamson passed Stancil for P3 and P4 as Jones and Roberts gapped the field.

As Williamson checked up at Turn 1 for a yellow, Stancil advanced to third, with Dia fourth, Webb fifth and Williamson sixth. Dia ran in Stancil’s draft for part of the back straight and took it deep into Turn 10a, trying to fight off Webb and Stancil on the inside. Dia went four-off.  Stancil also went long into the turn, with Webb on his inside left, dropped his right rear off, bounced, tried to make the right turn at 10a and spun as Williamson split Dia and Stancil for fourth.  Jarrett Jones won the race with Robert Jones in second, Kyle Webb third, Williamson fourth and Dia fifth.

On a rainy Sunday morning, Aiden Crouse got a great lap on a puddled track for pole position, followed by Williamson, Brad Miller, Webb, Dia and rounding out the front three rows, Darren Brady.

After a double-yellow and a restart, Williamson and Dia bump-drafted on the back straight, but couldn’t gap Jones. A few laps later, Williamson checked up for traffic at Turn 7 and Dia, bump-drafted by Jones, made the outside pass at 10b. Jones then passed Williamson on the inside at Turn 1, and the three continued working through traffic. White flag out, Jones drafted Dia on the back straight and passed for the lead, leaving the finish order Jones, Dia, Williamson, Crouse and Miller.

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