TJ Bain picked up two wins in his Pontiac Firebird in American Iron at Mid-Ohio in May.

The first of three events at Mid-Ohio for NASA Great Lakes kicked in April with beautiful dry spring weather! Saturday’s event used the Pro Course and Sunday’s used the Club Course.

In American Iron, Jeff Wood returned in the Don Wood Ford Mustang and scored pole, followed by TJ Bain, Jason Lakomiak and Todd Davis. At the start, the American Iron cars thundered through the pack ahead. Wood got the lead followed by Bain and Lakomiak. Davis got caught up in traffic and shuffled back with a few cars in between. Wood and Bain pulled away from Lakomiak after a few laps. Lakomiak had an issue and retired early, leaving Davis to third. Davis had some great laps, getting down to 1:35.770! But, he lost too much time at the race start to catch the leaders. Bain made a late-race pass with traffic to get the win! Wood secured second with a fast lap of a 1:35.673, very close to the track record. Davis finished third and Lakomiak fourth.

Spec Iron is taking off for 2018, with a four-car field at Mid-Ohio with more cars to come for future events. Many of the drivers are committed to entire season. Jeff Feit secured pole with a 1:40.136 and led the race flag to flag. Steve Wilson qualified third, only .011 seconds from second, and moved up to finish second in the race. Jay North qualified second, but had a tie rod end bend during the race in the esses. Christopher Williams got the DQ for contact.

On Sunday in American Iron, Wood was flying again in the Don Wood Ford Mustang and was on pole. Bain, who has the track record on the Club Course was second, followed by Lakomiak in third. Davis had transmission issues and was unable to qualify. At the start, Bain pushed through traffic, got pushed wide toward China Beach and was dirt-tracking it to Turn 6. Dirt and dust went flying and everyone thought Bain was going to wind up spun out off track. But, Bain got back on and took the lead. Bain kept the gap and the win. Wood was second, pushing the entire race to catch Bain. Lakomiak was third and Davis fourth.

Spec Iron saw Jeff Feit grab pole again, but the gap was getting smaller. Jay North put the pressure on during the race and set the track record with a 1:41.823! But, it was not enough, and Jeff Feit got the win. Jay North was second. Steve Wilson, who qualified third finished third.

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