I would like to thank Mazda and NASA for putting this together. It was an awesome experience and something that we can talk to the grand kids about. I’ve never had the opportunity to drive a Mazda on the track, and I have to say that I was really impressed, so much so, that I spent the last weekend at the latest NASA event talking up how good the MX-5 cup handles and how much better the new one is going to be. The Southeast Spec E30 group is very cohesive and we’ve been talking about the next group we should be looking to, and the new MX-5 cup is at the top of our list. Again, thank you for allowing us to have this amazing experience. It’s definitely something we are really grateful for and will never forget

Sandro Espinosa

Atlanta, Ga.


The Mazda Race of NASA Champions was a phenomenal success in every possible way, and I am honored to be a part of this historic event. Mazda and NASA achieved the objective of bridging the grassroots level to the professional ladder system with MRONC. Everything from setting up the event with Skip Barber, collaborating with SCCA Pro Racing, promoting the event through a live broadcast, having the most entertaining race of the weekend, to providing driver hospitality was flawlessly executed.

I have campaigned over three Miatas and two RX-7s in the last 12 years, with many victories and championships. Mazda’s support at the grassroots level is a key to our success. Thank you again for the experience.

Tommy Lo

Sunnyvale, Calif.


I would like to thank John Doonan and David Cook for giving myself and the other NASA Champions the opportunity to participate in the Mazda Race of NASA Champions. Mazda opened its arms and took us all in as “family” for the week, even if we weren’t in the Mazda family before. As for myself, I was coming from a BMW background. We received the V.I.P experience of Mazda, learning the inner workings of Mazda Motorsports and their true passion for customer racing. I do not know of any other manufacturers that offer such a comprehensive motorsports program other than Mazda. It is truly a testament to Mazda to offer these programs and to be a believer in a ladder system, giving amateur racers a true goal. Once again, thank you for your fantastic hospitality and giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. I hope Mazda continues its support with NASA and offers Mazda Race of Champions next year as well!

Tristan Littlehale 

Saratoga, Calif.


Since returning from MRONC I have spent many hours reflecting on my experience in an attempt to put words to it. So far any words or descriptions don’t really do it justice. Truly, this was a fantasy weekend that most of people could never hope to experience. But thanks to Mazda, NASA, BF Goodrich, Skip Barber, and SCCA Pro Racing we did get to! Many would say the experience was an honor and that they were humbled by it. I, however, would say it was anything but humbling, although it certainly was an honor. Even if for only one weekend in our lives, thanks to Mazda, we were real professional race drivers. What’s humbling about that!? I can’t stop reliving the moments in my mind.

At this time I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this weekend possible. I have had the opportunity to do many amazing things like compete in World Championships in skiing, swim with sharks in the Galápagos Islands, trek to Everest base camp, live with families in Europe, be stranded in the jungle in Ecuador, live among monks in a monastery in Switzerland, and mountain bike all over Colorado and Utah. In addition, my wonderful wife of 25 years and three children have had many adventures together. The MRONC weekend was without question the single best weekend of my life. Thank you very, very much for creating this opportunity.

Daniel Williams

Scottsbluff, Neb.

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