Terry Mathis Scores his Second NASA Championship with 2019 ST1 Victory

Terry Mathis added to his 2015 American Iron championship trophy shelf with another in ST1.

Terry Mathis already had one championship in NASA, in American Iron from 2015. Now he has two. He had his hands full all weekend with 2017 ST3 and 2018 ST1 Champion Mark Burt and 2017 ST1 Champion Dmitri Goliakov, who jumped out to the early lead. After placing at the top all weekend, Mark Burt didn’t start the race due to mechanical issues.

Mathis managed to get in front of Goliakov, hold the lead through a double-yellow and a restart and go on for the big win in ST1.

“This probably the best because the last one was a Eastern States Championships and this is a National Championship. That makes a difference,” Mathis said. “It brings people from across the country and you run with the best. I hate it that Mark wasn’t able to make it, and he had problems with his brakes. He was having some trouble today, but it’s survival of the fittest.”

Goliakov took the early lead in his C6 Z06, and despite clutch troubles he managed to set his fastest lap during the race. Goliakov finished second.

“So it’s like the tires started going away and that’s it. He caught me and passed me,” Goliakov said. “And then the clutch went off, so I pushed it hard, as hard as I could. I did it in a faster time than the qualifying so, it is what it is. Second is also a good place.”

2017 ST1 Champion Dmitri Goliakov took the early lead, but clutch troubles slowed him down, and he finished second.

Also racing a C6 Z06, David Greenman couldn’t quite keep the front two in sight after the caution period. Greenman’s crew chief Chris Rallo spoke for Greenman who had left the podium ceremony.

“We haven’t been here before. We tend to take a while to learn tracks,” Rallo said. “We were here in the spirit of competition to enjoy the event. NASA puts on a great show. I’m here to scout because I’ll be driving next year.”

David Greenman couldn’t quite keep the front two in side and went on to finish third in ST1 at Mid-Ohio.
Image courtesy of Downforce Media

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