The Toyo Tires Classic is the Spec Miata Championship race that will take place at the 2018 National Auto Sport Association Championships presented by Toyo Tires. The Toyo Tires Classic will feature the largest purse in the history of amateur road racing and, so far, it has attracted some 90 racers from across the country.

Based on the number of entries as of August 20, the winner of the Toyo Tires Classic will take home the top prize of $75,000 when the checkered flag waves on Sept. 15, 2018. The Toyo Tires Classic also offers cash payouts down to fifth place, a $5,000 prize for the hard charger award and five $1,000 prizes drawn at random.

Drivers from all 16 NASA regions nationwide have registered for the Toyo Tires Classic. To help ensure parity and fairness, all competitors will be required to start the race on a new set of Toyo Proxes RR tires purchased on site, and a tank of VP Racing Fuels C9 gasoline. At the conclusion of the race, comprehensive inspections will ensure technical compliance of the top-finishing cars.

“We wanted to motivate Spec Miata drivers from across the country to come and participate in the Toyo Tires Classic,” said NASA Vice President, Jeremy Croiset. “The prize money was, of course, a big part of the draw, but the fact that Circuit of The Americas is a “bucket list” track for many drivers was another major factor, as was its central location relative to NASA regions across the country. We are pleased with the numbers we’re seeing in the Toyo Tires Classic. I can’t wait to see how the race unfolds.”

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