The 2023 NASA Championships are coming soon and we are down to about 30 reserved 24 x 60 spaces.

Spaces with power are sold out, but the fully paved spaces we have left are the best locations in the paddock, central to fuel, impound, food service, driver info and the Friday night party spot. Shown in red on the map above, spaces are still available for $129 for the whole event.

Also, if you are taking advantage of the Lambert Track Day on Wednesday, you will be able to claim your spot Wednesday and stay in your spot till the end of the event on Sunday. No loading out and then loading in again so long as you have purchased your priority entry to the NASA Championships! The Lambert Track Day is not affiliated with NASA or the 2023 Championships, but we’ve worked with them to make this convenience possible.

If you are looking to park next to friends at the NASA Championships, this is the best time to reserve your spot and request parking near friends on the NASA support desk. The sooner you purchase a parking spot, the better we’ll be able to accommodate your needs.

“If you already have parking and your buddies have parking and you want to be next to each other and you have requests, send them to the support system because I need all people’s requests before I start assigning things,” said NASA National Event Manager Marie Adams. “I will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s requests as best I can, but it would especially helpful to get requests in sooner rather than later.”

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