Krider Scores Hat Trick Plus One in H4 at Mid-Ohio in 2019

Rob Krider notched his fourth Honda Challenge 4 Championship at Mid-Ohio.

After winning four championships in a row, Robert Krider is considering retiring from the Honda Challenge 4 class.

“I think I might retire from Honda Challenge. I’m going to give my buddy Keith (Kramer), who got second today, he might be the next one in line. We’ll see, I haven’t decided yet,” Krider said. “My wife wants me to, but I might finish on top, you never know.”

The veteran driver earned pole heading into Sunday’s championship race and took advantage. Krider started in the lead and never relinquished it despite Kramer pressing him hard on the track.

Kramer ended up in second place, and that finish marks not only Krider’s fourth H4 Championship, but also the third consecutive one-two finish in H4 at the Championships for Team Double Nickel Nine Racing.

Keith Kramer finished in second place for the third consecutive one-two Championships finish with his teammate Rob Krider.

“Unfortunately I lost the race in the first minute of the race. I lit up my tires on the start so started second, was third, and luckily the guy behind me did a better start and it gave me a little push,” Kramer said. “Unfortunately for me, I’m racing against the fastest guy in the country. We have identical cars, but he managed the race awesome. And I’m just happy I was able to finish second.”

A hotbed for Honda Challenge racing, NASA Northeast’s Dillon Brennan hung on for third place.

“I was kind of fighting an uphill battle all weekend with the car,” Brennan said. “I was pushing a little bit. So any changes we could make in the paddock we were making, whether it be camber or pressures or anything like that, taking tire temperatures, we just put the work in and then I just had to fight, a good defensive battle. Get them on the start and work traffic. That’s what I had to do. So that’s what I did.”

Dillon Brennan made just enough changes in the paddock to get him into third place in H4 at Mid-Ohio.
Image courtesy of Downforce Media

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