Faessler Scores Big Super Unlimited Win and 2019 Championship

In a class dominated by prototypes, Brian Faessler drove his Mustang to the Super Unlimited Championship at Mid-Ohio.

During most NASA Championships, the Super Unlimited champion is normally awarded to a sleek sports racer. For 2019, Super Unlimited was dominated by Brian Faessler’s monster twin-turbo Mustang. This car rattles your eyeballs as it goes by, and it went by competitors Jacek Mucha’s Swift and John DeAngelis in an Elan DP02.

“I got the jump on the start and was just able to get the lead going into Turn 1, just kind of maintained,” Faessler said. “Just to be able to prove what the Paul’s Automotive Engineering Mustang can do against these small prototypes, that’s definitely not something easy to do.”

True, the prototypes were the favorites going into the Super Unlimited Championships race, especially since Faessler started from fifth on grid. When the double-yellows came out, multitime Super Unlimited champion Jon Van Caneghem got the jump and made an aggressive move for the lead, but it didn’t last. Faessler retook first, leaving NASA Florida’s Mucha to finish second.

“We had the accident, which hurt me a little bit,” Mucha said. “And the end, I started overheating a little bit, so I have to give it up. But, I still maintain my second position, which is I think my fifth here. Somehow I always end up second here.”

Jacek Mucha’s car began overheating, but he still finished second in Super Unlimited at Mid-Ohio.

Just behind Mucha was DeAngelis in his Élan DP02.

“Well, there was some bumping out there. It was a tough race,” DeAngelis said. “There was big accident right in the first or second lap? So we kind of just hung out for about 15 minutes, waiting until it got cleaned up, and then just kind of tried to keep the line and improve every single time. Brian was just smoking everybody out there in the Mustang. That car is just so fast.”

John DeAngelis survived a prolonged yellow and a lot of traffic to take third in Super Unlimited.
Image courtesy of Downforce Media

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