For the 2023 NASA Championships, the official photographer, Downforce Media, is going to be creating photography packages like nothing ever offered before.

Downforce Media’s Jeremy Bryner has assembled a team of four photographers to cover this year’s Championships event. Two will be covering the on-track action and shooting from lots of new and different locations around the PittRace facility. Another photographer will be covering the grid, paddock and awards ceremonies, and the fourth will be roaming around searching for interesting subjects.

“We’re passionate about the sport, we’re there to enjoy it ourselves. We’re just as invested into racing as the drivers are,” Bryner said. “So, that’s why I built the team with our skill sets and NASA expertise. We’re already going to take good photos, but we know the sport and the series.”

Downforce Media will have a tent set up in a high-traffic area within the paddock where you can see the whole event’s photos arranged by group and session on touch-screen monitors. Photographers will be uploading new content two or three times a day to stay current. What’s more, Downforce Media will have the ability to make prints of various sizes right there on site within minutes.

Preorder packages for full-event coverage are available from Downforce Media for just $196. Images also will be available for sale on the Downforce Media image webstore after the 2023 NASA Championships are over.

“Sometimes it’s those quiet moments before going out, on grid, or you happen to get their wife or kid or one of their crew members helping them out. And if you can include that in their album of photos, that just adds to the value of it,” Bryner said. “The candid moments, the changing of tires. If there are guys wrenching on a car, we’re going be roaming around the paddock even in the evening. If we can capture moments like that and they happen to be a pre-order customer or not, those are the moments they want to remember and save.”

Image courtesy of Jeremy Bryner

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