In the March season opener for NASA NorCal Spec Miata racers, the competition was intense as drivers jockeyed for the podium spots. Wyatt Couch claimed three victories on Saturday and Sunday, steering his Mazda Miata to success to a razor-thin margin of victory and the fastest lap time of 1:56.211 in race one.

Wyatt Couch scored the hat trick at Sonoma Raceway in March, picking up three wins in three races.

Andres Prieto finished a close second, a mere 0.309 seconds behind Couch, with a best lap time nearly matching the leader’s pace at 1:56.214. Third place was secured by Wa Huong, supported by Slant i Motorsports, crossing the finish line 0.662 seconds after the winner and clocking a best lap of 1:56.311.

The narrow time differences between the drivers highlight the highly competitive nature of Spec Miata, with top drivers showcasing their skill and precision behind the wheel. The excitement of the races kept spectators — and drivers — on the edge of their seats until the checkered flag waved.

The Teen Mazda Challenge podium for race one was Will D’elia in first, with William Wallis in second and Nathaniel Spitz in third.

Teen Mazda Challenge driver Will D’elia picked up three wins in TMC and one second place overall in Spec Miata.

In the gripping race two of the weekend’s Spec Miata events, Wyatt Couch reaffirmed his dominance at Sonoma Raceway with an impressive performance Sunday morning. Couch piloted his Mazda Miata to victory, improving his fastest lap time to 1:55.490.

Prieto, in a consistent display of skill, secured second place on the leaderboard. Despite his relentless pursuit, Prieto crossed the finish line 1.900 seconds behind Couch, despite a best lap time of the race quicker than Couch at 1:55.428.

Wa Huong scored two thirds and one fourth-place finish at Sonoma in March.

The third spot again was claimed by Huong, who navigated the circuit with finesse in his Mazda Miata sponsored by Slant i Motorsports. Huong finished 6.350 seconds after Couch, posting a commendable best lap time of 1:55.928.

TMC driver Will D’elia set the best lap time overall in race two, at 1:55.276, and again took the TMC win. Spitz took second in TMC, with Russell Scott in third.

As if you didn’t already know, Couch emerged victorious once again race three, completing a weekend sweep at the Sonoma Raceway. Couch’s consistent performance resulted in a winning best lap time of 1:55.514, but the competition was close.

Hot on his heels was D’elia, who finished second with a narrow gap of 0.491 seconds behind Couch. D’elia clocked the fastest lap time of the race at 1:55.491, demonstrating remarkable pace, though it wasn’t quite enough to catch the leader.

Andres Prieto nabbed two seconds and one third and the fast lap of the weekend at 1:55.428.

Prieto rounded out the top three, crossing the finish line just 0.862 seconds after Couch, with a fastest lap time of 1:55.664. His efforts maintain a consistent presence on the podium, underscoring the competitive intensity of Spec Miata in NASA NorCal.

The tight finish among the top three drivers, particularly the minuscule time difference of less than a second separating them, underscores the high level of skill and competition within the Spec Miata field.

In TMC, D’elia finished in first, with Wallis in second and Spitz in third.

Special thanks to Chris Gill / WestBoundary Photography



Image courtesy of CHARLES GILL

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