Thirteen Spec E30 drivers converged on Willow Springs International Raceway for the fifth event on the NASA SoCal calendar.

This NASA SoCal May event at Willow Springs International Raceway featured a thrilling set of performances in Spec E30 and Spec E46 classes.

Saturday Highlights

In Spec E30, Team Mick Blue Racing secured the top spot. The team’s black and neon yellow BMW 325i zipped around the track, posting a fastest lap time of 1:38.565 in its fourth lap. Following closely was Team JMP Autowerkz’s Jerick Javier, who finished 3.360 seconds behind with a fastest lap time of 1:38.533. Sebastian Bacon, sponsored by PCI Motorsport, placed third, lagging 10.142 seconds from the leader and recording a best time of 1:38.837.

Over in the Spec E46 class, it was Casey Mashore who secured the victory. Mashore posted the fastest lap time of 1:33.032 in his green BMW 330ci. Second place went to Team Legacy Motorworks PB, sponsored by Legacy Motorworks, trailing by a close 3.634 seconds and logging a best time of 1:33.600. Team Abuse of Power, backed by Apex Race Parts and Stepco Insurance Agency, finished third with a difference of 26.019 seconds and a fastest lap of 1:34.630.

2022 National Spec E46 Champion No. 615 Casey Mashore was unbeatable at Willow Springs, taking the win both days.

Sunday Highlights

On Sunday, the Spec E30 class witnessed a new winner with Mickey Miller of Bullet Performance leading the charge in his purple BMW E30, posting a fastest lap time of 1:38.821. Team JMP Autowerkz’s Jerick Javier managed to secure second place, finishing a lap behind the leader with a fastest lap time of 1:38.875. Marcelo Calcagnotto, representing Castro Motorsport, wrapped up the top three, also a lap behind the leader and registering a best time of 1:38.948.

In the Spec E46 category, Casey Mashore replicated his winning performance, once again taking the top spot with a fastest lap time of 1:34.680. Andrew Clark, sponsored by Sovereign Garage, settled for second place with a time difference of 2.585 seconds and a fastest lap time of 1:34.995. Team Legacy Motorworks PB continued to stay in the top three, finishing 3.324 seconds behind the leader and posting a best time of 1:34.760.

The weekend was filled with exhilarating performances, marked by competitive spirit and impressive driving skills. The energy of the event carried through both days, leaving drivers eagerly anticipating the next race weekend.



Image courtesy of Herb Lopez

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