Two Poles, Two Wins for Aiden Baker Crouse at Roebling Road

No. 28 Aiden Baker Crouse leads 2017 Spec E46 National Champion Broderick Bauguess at Roebling Road Raceway, capturing two pole positions and two wins in April.

NASA Southeast Spec Miata rolled into Roebling Road with a 20-car field for round four of the 2021 season. Aiden Crouse showed the rest of the field how to do it with a qualifying lap of 1:23.216 to grab pole position, followed by Broderick Bauguess P2, Keith Williamson P3, Yan Dia P4, Dan Walters P5 and Don Elvington P6.

At the start, the outside cars got a good run, and Bauguess was able to edge ahead of Crouse entering Turn 1 with the order settling out with Bauguess P1, Crouse P2, Dia P3, Williamson P4, Elvington P5 and Walters P6. Walters took back P5 as he got inside Elvington entering Turn 5 and then they swapped again entering Turn 1 on lap two and Walters once again took back P5 at Turn 5. It was shaping up to be quite a battle between those two!

Crouse got to work pushing Bauguess to try to gap Dia as Williamson struggled to get to Dia’s bumper early enough out of Turn 9 to close the up on the front pair. On lap seven, Crouse got a run on Bauguess and made the inside pass entering Turn 1. On lap 9 Bauguess took back P1 with an inside pass entering Turn 1. Then on lap 10, Williamson did the same to Dia and took P3 at Turn 1.

On lap 12, the lead Miatas began working their way through back markers, and as they entered Turn 6, Bauguess held to the inside as he caught an E30 while Crouse pushed to his outside and with Bauguess blocked inside, Crouse made the pass on the outside for P1. Aiden Crouse held on for the win with Broderick Bauguess P2, Keith Williamson P3, Yan Dia P4, Dan Walters P5 and Don Elvington P6.

Aiden Crouse won pole position again Sunday with a 1:24:206 followed by Bauguess P2, Raiden Nicol P3, Walters P4, Elvington P5 and Ernie Cole P6.

At the race start, the group got through turns 1 and 2 clean with Elvington and Cole picking off Walters exiting Turn 2. Bauguess got a run on Crouse at the start of lap two and made the inside pass on Crouse at Turn 1 to take the lead, but Crouse took the position back again on lap three. Also on lap three, Walters ran out of track and went four-off exiting Turn 7, giving P6 to Dia. Dia then got a good run out of Turn 9 and drafted up to and around Cole to take P5.

The track then went to full-course caution for two laps while a Miata was pulled out of the sand trap at Turn 4.

On the restart Dia drove outside exiting Turn 9, got a big bump from Walters moving up two more positions to P3 as they entered Turn 1, leaving the order Crouse, Bauguess, Dia, Elvington, Walters and Nicol. On lap 10, Nicol got back around Walters and then on lap 14 got around Elvington for P4. Then Nicol pushed hard into Turn 7 to get beside Dia and the pair race side by side through Turn 9.

Dia finally got a bump from Elvington to get to Turn 1 in front of Nicol. But Nicol was not finished! He stayed close to Dia as they entered Turn 4 and made the inside pass in Turn 4 to regain P3. Unfortunately, on the white flag lap, Nicol carried too much speed into Turn 2 and went four-off. Aiden Crouse held on to win again with Broderick Bauguess P2, Yan Dia P3, Don Elvington P4, Dan Walters P5 and Raiden Nicol P6.

No. 03 Broderick Bauguess led several laps on Saturday, but lapped traffic played a role and he wound up taking two second-place finishes at Roebling Road in April.


Image courtesy of Jim Voss

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