Todd Davis took two wins at Autobahn Country Club in August. TJ Bain got the win in race one on Saturday.

American Iron had a field of five cars at Autobahn Country Club in August. Todd Davis scurried to pole closely followed by TJ Bain, Jason Lakomiak, Mike Barrington and Bob Collins in fifth. At the start, Davis kept the lead through traffic with Bain and Lakomiak behind. Lakomiak used traffic to secure second place, but that only lasted a few laps. Bain got by and started to close in on Davis. Davis had issues from contact with another car in traffic. The contact seemed light, but his front end was way out of alignment and he kept locking up the front right brake! Bain got the lead and Davis retired with a badly damaged right front tire. Lakomiak was then alone in second. Collins and Barrington had a race going on for third. Bain got the win, with Lakomiak second and Collins third.

Sunday gave the racers a tight schedule with a morning qualifying session and two races! Bain was on the pole with a 1:34.987, Davis had his car back together and was second, Lakomiak was third, Barrington fourth and Collins fifth.

At race start, the field was one car short. Lakomiak got to grid late and had to start at the very back – behind the CMC standing start! Bain and Davis battled for the lead with Bain in front. Lakomiak was pushing through the entire CMC field trying to catch any AI car that he could find. Bain suffered a driveshaft issue when his carbon fiber drive shaft lost a rivet and stranded him at Turn 10. Davis got the lead and never looked back. Lakomiak got by the field of CMC cars and caught Collins and Barrington late in the race. He managed to get by both of them, but Davis was way out in front. Davis got the win, with Lakomiak in second and Collins third.

For race three, Davis was on pole followed by Lakomiak, Bain and Collins. Davis kept the lead at the start, but Bain was right on his bumper. A late-race double-yellow packed the top three up for a one-lap shootout. Bain was trying to get through traffic and stay with Davis, but could not make Turn 11 at the end of the back straightaway. Lakomiak then got ahead and looked for Davis. There isn’t much track left after Turn 12, and that order remained: Davis in first, Lakomiak in second, Bain third and Collins in fourth.

In Spec Iron, Chris Williams got the win in both Saturdays’ and Sundays’ races to extend his lead in the series for the Great Lakes Regional Championship.

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