At the NASA SoCal event at Willow Springs in May, Team Mick Blue Racing dominated Spec E30 on Saturday, securing first place with a fastest lap time of 1:37.189 on lap two in its black and neon yellow BMW 325i. Marcelo Calcagnotto’s Castro Motorsport BMW 325i finished in second place, 13.240 seconds behind with a best lap time of 1:37.356 on lap 10. The third position was claimed by Team Build My Wealth Racing, trailing by 13.621 seconds with a best lap time of 1:37.636 on lap four in their blue BMW 325.

On Sunday, Team Mick Blue Racing continued its strong performance, finishing first again with a best lap time of 1:36.954 on lap two.

What the results page does not show is the red flag condition that was prompted by a 944 Spec car that went off at Turn 1 and got high-centered while trying to get back to the racing surface, and started a grass fire. The red flags turned to black and the delay gave way to a green-white-checkers finish and an exciting helter-skelter final lap.

Matthew Ibrahim, driving a red BMW 325i sponsored by Garagistic, finished second, just 1.229 seconds behind Team Mick Blue, achieving his fastest lap time of 1:36.551 on lap three. Team Build My Wealth Racing secured the third spot once more, trailing by 1.472 seconds and clocking a best lap time of 1:36.763 on lap 8 in their blue BMW 325.



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