After a DQ ahead of her, Tara Brewster took her first win in 944 Spec at Mid-Ohio in April. At left, Steve Brewster finished in second behind his daughter, making it a Brewster one-two, with Brant Giere picking up the final podium position.

For Saturday’s 944 Spec race on Mid-Ohio’s pro course, the order for race one was Dan Pina with Tara Brewster for her first ever front-row qualifying, Steve Brewster and Shannon McCue on row two, Cameron McIntyre and Brant Giere in row three, Shane Denney and Zack Miller in row four, and Michael Clark in the fifth in final row.

At the green flag, Piña got the jump but was immediately in trouble from an electrical gremlin. Tara led until lap three, when Piña drove to the inside of her at Turn 4. This change allowed McCue to close the gap behind Tara, but both capitalized less than one lap later when Piña slid wide at The Keyhole, killing his momentum down the long straight. Piña fell behind Tara and McCue. On lap six, Piña dived inside Tara in the braking zone at Turn 2.

On lap eight, Piña ran wide at the exit of The Keyhole, and Tara passed Piña easily entering Turn 4. Piña repassed Tara at the same place the next lap. With only two laps to go, McCue’s ball joint failed, handing Steve third place.

Despite finishing up front, Dan Piña was handed a DQ for being underweight, handing Tara Brewster her first ever win, an incredible performance. Steve Brewster finished in second behind his daughter, making it a Brewster one-two, with Giere picking up the final podium position.

Sunday’s race used the club course, and the start was inverted, which put Miller on pole, alongside Clark, followed by Giere, Denney, McIntyre, Steve, Tara and Piña.

Tara and Piña both got tremendous starts, but Piña was immediately trapped, while Tara jumped up to fourth by the backside of Madness as the field continued to run two-wide into Turn 6.

Starting lap two, Piña again used the ultra-fast Turn 1 to make an outside move working his way up to second, and continued moving forward passing Giere for the lead into Turn 4. Steve tried to take advantage and make a move on Giere as well, but this left him susceptible to a pass attempt from Tara. Neither were successful, and although the top four stayed close, there was never another pass made among them.

Sunday’s finish was Piña, Giere, Steve, Tara, Clark, McIntyre, Denney, and Miller.

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