Greg Vannucci won ST2 at Mid-Ohio on Saturday and in Sunday’s rain race in his Lotus Exige Cup car.

Saturday saw some class juggling as some ST1 guys decided STR1 was the place to be, so they hit the track with a sizeable group. ST3 also did a little juggling, and we saw rookie David Ziegler in his C5 and Bob Liddle in his C4 move up to ST2 to wage war on the ST2 guys and bring some tire contingency into play.

We also rolled our first live streaming broadcast! It was experimental and not quite perfect, but awesome to see nonetheless. John Lindsey even made the trip all the way from Northern California to call the race, coupled with a team of three camera men and a video coordinator who also made the cross-country trek for the event. You can see a replay of the event at

Rob “G’wizlle” Gewirtz pedaled the DP car for the win in SU. Unfortunately he had some mechanical issues and didn’t complete the race, but since he was alone in class, he finished on top. Rob is a crowd favorite and will be back in force. Ryan Ellis was going to pilot the new SLC Super Lite LMP car, but new-car difficulties kept them from making the race. Watch for them at a later event.

Regional stable Scott Welham piloted the McCann Racing supported Viper Comp Coupe for the win, but ST1 transplant Mike Edmonson didn’t make it easy and managed to set a new track record and take the silver medal. Ray Sweers then gave chase followed by Scott Schmick in Team Green’s junior C4 and Team Faessler, still working out the bugs in the new car.

ST2’s expanded class was no competition for Greg Vannucci, who drove his well-known Lotus Exige Cup car to the top step. David Ziegler took the silver in his ST3 transplant, followed by Chris Durbin in the “Mustaro,” Bob Liddle in the red C4 and Tony Weisenhahn in his Subaru, which planted itself deep in China Beach on the opening lap.

Sunday’s rain and the Super Touring cars just didn’t seem to mix very well. Let’s just say we had two, yes two cars, make the Sunday start. Vannucci in the Lotus and Ziegler in the Corvette. Cheers to them for the effort, but there wasn’t a whole lot of action and they finished in that order.

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