Steve Killian picked up two PTE wins at Autobahn Country Club in August. His father Stuart got the PTE win on Sunday.

Autobahn in August played host to five PTE entries, and everyone was happy starting this event because five cars meant tire contingencies were open!

Saturday started with a snafu for Stuart Killian because he cracked his exhaust header during qualifying. Meanwhile, Steve Killian was on pole to start this race while Stuart was still working on getting his locally sourced junkyard header installed as the race started without him. Aaron Spiegel had a great start, putting him in the lead of this race. Meanwhile Stuart joined the race about 10 minutes after it started, putting in a few laps before retiring early to address some handling issues. Steve was gunning for Spiegel and passed him about midrace right after a long full-course yellow, ultimately securing his first win in PTE. Finishing order was Steve Killian first, Aaron Spiegel second, Michael Weber third third, Robert Ellis fourth, followed by Stuart Killian in fifth.

Sunday’s race two had Spiegel on pole to start this race, but his clutch had been slipping since Saturday’s race, so he did not have a good start. Meanwhile, Weber seized the opportunity at the start to bulldoze past the PTE field to the right in the grass. Weber managed to lead the pack for about a lap and a half until Stuart Killian and then Steve Killian passed him. Father and son (Stuart and Steve) were having an intense battle early in the race, but Steve was able to pass Stuart about midrace and gain space. Stuart had to retire early due to loss of power from a disconnected battery cable. Steve Killian secured his second win for the weekend with Spiegel in second, Weber in third, Ellis in fourth followed by Stuart in fifth.

The third and final race had Steve Killian back on pole. This time the Killians pulled out for an early lead away from the remainder of the PTE field with a battle between them the entire race. Steve and Stuart changed positions several times in this race, but ultimately Stuart secured a pass for the win late in the race. The gap between third, fourth and fifth were rather significant so the finishing order was Stuart first, Steve second, Spiegel third, Weber fourth and Ellis in fifth.



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