Jarrett Jones scored two wins at Road Atlanta in June. Steve Kaney took second on Saturday followed by Steve Docalavich in third. No. 64 Keith Williamson took second on Sunday and Docalavich took third again.

Spec Miata returned to Road Atlanta for the June Jam with a 14-car field. Unusually high temperatures made for less grip and lower lap times, but Jarrett Jones and Steve Kaney worked together to nail down P1 and P2 respectively, with qualifying times of 1:47.03 and 1:47.16.

Jones and Kaney got a clean start to lead into Turn 1 while Williamson was tentative and lost two positions to Jose Garcia and Steve Docalavich going up the hill from Turn 1. Docalavich gave the position back with a missed shift coming out of Turn 7 and Williamson got the other position back on the next lap when Garcia checked up for a Spec E30 going uphill out of Turn 1.

About half a lap later, the race was red-flagged as a result of a Spec E30 and 944 Spec getting together on the back straight. After 18 minutes, the red flag was pulled, and the field restarted under a double yellow.

When the race went green, mixed-class racing became a big factor as the Spec Miata field mingled with 944 Spec and Spec E30 cars. Kaney was split from Jones by a 944 and was never able to threaten Jones again. Williamson got passed by Garcia when he caught traffic and later by Docalavich after an argument with his shifter. Andrew Diller and Brian Tone had a good fight. The pair passed Williamson for fifth and sixth only to be repassed when Williamson got a lucky push from Mark Issa in a Spec E30. The race finished with Jarrett Jones, Steve Kaney and Steve Docalavich on the podium.

Sunday brought cooler weather but no rain. At the green flag, the field again got a clean start with Jones, Williamson, Garcia, Tone, Docalavich, Kaney, Diller, and Bilyy leading the rest of the field up the hill to Turn 2. The field stayed in that order until T10A when Docalavich got to the inside of Tone for the pass. On lap two, Diller looked in at T10A but Kaney shut the door on him.

Kaney then passed Tone at Turn 1 but didn’t quite get it done before the Yellow Flag at Turn 1 and was later DQ’d. Kaney’s pass however, was the start of a huge battle between Tone, Docalavich, Diller, Bilyy and Dia, which let Jones, Williamson and Garcia build a gap on the field. Garcia hounded Williamson in second looking for an opportunity to pass until lap 10 when his engine started cutting out and he pulled off. Jones increased his lead for the remainder of the race to take the checker. That left Williamson to take second, followed by Docalavich in third.




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