Cody Kishel leads Rob Eskew at more than 100 mph at NCCAR, the newest NASA Southeast track. Eskew took three wins in four races in September. Kishel also scored one win at NCCAR.

The first race weekend ever for the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research, was held the weekend of September 3, and it was huge fun!

We had two races on Saturday and two more races on Sunday. That’s four races in a single weekend! None of the Spec E30 racers had ever been to the track before, so everyone faced the same challenge of figuring out the track in a hurry. To make it more interesting, the track has a number of long, sweeping turns, and also turns that are tied together, none of which lent themselves to “the school line.”

NCCAR has only one wall, so although it was difficult to figure out an optimum line, it was a relatively consequence-free environment to try different ideas. The Spec E30s could really race like their hair was on fire because if they ran out of track width, as they slid from one turn to another, all that would happen was a slide through the grass.

By Sunday the Spec E30s were starting to find efficient ways to maximize speed through and out of the complex sets of turns, and fewer cars went off spinning in the wet grass. So for the last race of the weekend, the direction was reversed!

There was consensus that next year, we have to get a couple dozen Mid-Atlantic Spec E30s to join the fun at this great track that borders the two regions.

Congratulations to Rob Eskew for his wins in races 1-3, and Cody Kishel for his win in race four.



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