In the heated battles of the Spec E46 class at Chuckwalla Raceway, drivers showcased exceptional skill and determination over the weekend.

On Saturday, Michael Mihld in his BMW 330Ci took the checkered flag to take the win, and clocking in the fastest lap time of the day at 1:59.697. Team RKA 2 finished second in their white coupe, just 6.487 seconds behind the leader, their best lap a 2:00.710. Close behind, Team Legacy MW PB secured third place, trailing Team RKA 2 by a mere 0.780 seconds, and notching a best lap time of 2:00.125.

Sunday’s race saw a shift at the top, with Team RKA 2 pushing their white BMW 330Ci to victory, posting the fastest lap for the class at 1:59.609. Michael Mihld, the previous day’s winner, placed second with a gap of 6.032 seconds behind first, and a nearly matching fastest lap time of 1:59.628. Steve Stepanian took third, his best lap time recorded at 2:01.266.

The competition was fierce, with the top racers consistently delivering best lap times under two minutes, a testament to both their skill and the engineering of their vehicles. As the dust settled on Sunday, the Spec E46 class had once again proven to be a highlight of the racing weekend.



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