Sandro Espinosa climbs the hill at the exit of Turn 10b at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. His Ferrari 488 was prepped for Ferrari Challenge and competed at the June NASA Southeast event in TTU.

It might or might not be a NASA record, but congratulations certainly are in order for Sandro Espinosa, one of the top Spec E30 racers in the nation, for winning three different classes at the June NASA Southeast event at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

On Saturday, in a field of 18 Spec E30s, Espinosa moved up from second to first to win the Saturday race. Two hours later, in a field of 10 Spec E46s, Espinosa led from the green flag to win his second Saturday race.

On Sunday, Espinosa led Spec E46 from the green once again for his third win of the weekend. Two hours later, Sandro led Spec E30 from the green to his fourth win of the weekend.

However, between qualifying and race sessions for Spec E30 and Spec E46, Sandro also was doing Time Trial Unlimited sessions with a Ferrari 488 prepared for Ferrari Challenge. On Sunday he won TTU with a 1:26.495. Five wins across three classes. Wow!

Sandro Espinosa and his race-winning SpecE30, SpecE46, and his TTU Ferrari 488.


Image courtesy of Scott Gress


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