Spec E30 is quickly becoming NASA Northeast’s most popular class. After a strong showing in May, June’s race did not disappoint, with 26 entrants, seven of whom made the trip up from Mid-Atlantic Region. Spec E30 also continued its unique tradition of standing starts for both races, promising not only exciting starts, but also effectively splitting the field away from other classes.

Standing starts are effective at separating the Spec E30 class from other classes on track at the same time.

Of the 26 Spec E30s battling around the track, one car in particular caught a lot of attention. Sean Curran’s No. 77 green and white Spec E30 returned to the track after a three-season hiatus. Recovering from an injury, Sean let NASA Northeast’s own Brian Casella pilot No. 77 in the crowded field. Brian did not disappoint, qualifying second just .013 seconds behind his brother Robert on pole. In the race, he just barely missed the podium with a fourth-place finish.

Robert Grace battled with Robert Casella all weekend to take two wins at New Jersey Motorsports in June.

Among the packed field, there was great racing, pole sitter and race leader Robert Casella was forced to retire early with a broken ECU. Robert Grace jumped into first place and made quick work of pulling away from the pack. James Mertz, Jason Griscavage and Brian Casella battled for the remaining two podium spots, finishing in the race in that order.

NASA Northeast’s Spec E30 field has grown in recent years.


Armed with a new ECU, Robert Casella took pole again Sunday and was able to fend off a Mid-Atlantic Podium sweep. Casella ended up in second place behind both race winner Robert Grace and in front of third-place Chris Allen in a race that was action-packed from green to checkers. Jason Griscavage and James Mertz were both hot on their heels, finishing fourth and fifth. Close behind them, Ray Prato, TJ Yard, and Michael Kovac also battled it out right up to the checkers.

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  1. Wow! Whoever is driving that green car is the best spec E30 driver out there. Everybody else must be Cheating, especially that white 39 car. It’s way too low.

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