Ramping Up: 2022 NASA Arizona Super Touring Season

We had a great season last year with more than 40 different competitors joining the fray for 17 race sessions. Eighteen of those drivers at one point or another found the top spot on the podium! We had guest races, guest classes, including Spec Corvette! Track records were reset, new racers made it through comp school and we’re looking to have an even bigger 2022 season! I’m excited to see what the races hold for us with all the racers joining old and new.

2022 ST Rules and Classing Forms
There have been some updates to the 2022 Super Touring rules, particularly around tires, and there are some benefits possible for those running various DOT brands.

Make sure you’re acquainted with them on the Super Touring pages on DriveNASA.com. There are new ST1-4 rules and ST5-6 rules. New or altered rules are highlighted. Additionally, the Super Touring page includes the new 2022 car classing form. Once updated, you can see your and others entries in the Car Compliance database. Be sure to get this done before you arrive at the track.

Also be sure to check your profile and review your medical status and licenses. If needed submit your medical exam on the NASA medical form page.

For those who are looking to race in Spec Miata, these cars will easily class into ST6 or TT6.

Dynos have been an ongoing challenge from feedback we have received this year. If there’s a number of you who need fresh dynos, please follow up with me and I’ll relay the currently available options. As a reminder, dyno forms are good for three years assuming no changes.

2022 Season Points, Drops and Regional Supplemental Rules
The CCRs cover the points system, and the NASA supplemental rules cover that to be eligible for an award at the end of the year, you must participate in 50 percent of the races.

New this year: there are six drops over the course of the season to help with the out-of-town races. Additionally, in 2022 a competitor must out-race one other in class to be eligible for a trophy/award. Points and NASA winner decals are still awarded even if one in class, same.

See more about important supplemental rules here for the Arizona Region here.

2022 Season Prizes
Remember those contingencies! I always forget at the track. There are lots of great prizes, and some are as easy as taking pictures of your car at the track with decals shown. There are prizes from Toyo, Hawk and more, some of which only require you to run decals to qualify for prizes.

2022 Schedule
Check out the new schedule at the NASA Arizona website. We have 12 event weekends lined up, including crossover events with neighboring regions. If you are interested in going to those events or the NASA Championships, let me know as we’d love to coordinate travel plans to help make that easy and fun!

February 19 – 20
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

March 12 – 13
Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park – East Track

April 2
Radford Racing School w/Looper (Bondurant Track)

April 16 – April 17
Buttonwillow Raceway Park (SoCal Crossover)

May 21 – 22
Pueblo Motorsports Park(Rocky Mountain Crossover)

June 4
Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park – West Track (Morning Only)

August 13 – 14
High Plains Raceway (Rocky Mountain Crossover)

September 15 – 18
2022 NASA Championships – WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

October 29 – 30
Arizona Motorsports Park (Comp School)

November 12 – 13
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

December 3
Arizona Motorsports Park

Image courtesy of Elevated Trackside and Chris Wynne

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