No. 114 Michael Neuman drove his BMW 318i to two wins and one third-place finish in PTE at Autobahn Country Club in July.

During Saturday morning qualifying at Autobahn Country Club in July, Stefan Stefanov set the pace for PTD with a 1:41.021 lap followed by Marcel Berkhout and Dan Fargo within 1 second of Stefanov. In PTE, Michael Neuman put down the quickest lap with a 1:39.709 followed by Stuart Killian in second. Jack Baruth took the third qualifying spot followed by Rich Friman and Graig Neville.

Neuman’s quick and consistent lap times allowed him to open up a 34-second lead over second-place Killian at the checkered flag. At the start, Baruth got a jump on Stuart Killian and moved into second place for a couple laps, but eventually fell back to third.

In PTD, Stefanov led the entire race, with Fargo pushing hard in second, but eventually falling back 17 seconds at the end. Berkhout had a slow start and fell back to third in PTD. After putting down some fast laps, Berkhout could not catch Fargo in second and crossed the line in third in PTD. Chris Weber took the unopposed win in PTF.

On Sunday, the PT field was again lined up by qualifying time for the first race. Neuman again pulled out to the early lead in PTE followed closely by Stefanov and Berkhout battling for the lead in PTD. After a few laps, Stefanov pulled away from Berkhout, as Fargo started gaining on Berkhout. A few stalled cars off the racing surface created a couple yellow-flag zones on the back section of the track which inhibited passing opportunities. Fargo passed Berkhout and finished second about 7 seconds behind Stefanov in first.

In PTE, Neuman once again finished first, opening up a 32-second gap on second place. Baruth once again got a jump on Stuart Killian at the start and moved into second place for the first couple of laps. Stuart Killian regained the second position in PTE by the third lap and once clear of Baruth, opened up a gap, but could not catch Neuman in first.

When the green flag waved on the last race of the weekend, Fargo quickly pulled out a lead in PTD with Neuman up front in PTE. Fargo opened up a 20 second lead on second-place Berkhout by the checkered flag and took the win in PTD.

In PTE, Baruth got a jump on the start and quickly moved past Stuart Killian into second place. On lap three, Baruth passed Neuman for first place in PTE as Stuart Killian was still working through traffic. By lap six, Stuart Killian reeled in Neuman and Baruth to take lead in PTE. Killian opened up a 10-second lead over Baruth in second, with Neuman crossing the line in third.



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