The PTA Corvettes and the rest of the Thunder group head into Turn 1 at the start of the June Jam at Road Atlanta.

In the Lightning race group at the June Jam at Road Atlanta, June 16 and 17, PTB showcased a field of four cars that couldn’t have been more diverse. In qualifying Saturday, Brian Yorks set the pace in his Honda S2000 with a time of 1.42.332. Jason Plante took second in his Honda del Sol, with Joshua England in third in a Ford Mustang. Robert Rutzky, who had no qualifying time, took the fourth spot in his all-wheel-drive Subaru Legacy GT.

Before the start of the race, Plante broke on the warm-up lap and was unable to continue. Yorks grabbed the lead at the green flag, and never looked back. Yorks ended up taking the win in the caution-shortened race, with England taking second and Rutzky bringing home third, despite being several laps down.

For Sunday’s race, Yorks again qualified first. Plante had repaired his del Sol, which had let him down on the previous day’s warm-up lap, and qualified four seconds behind Yorks, with England qualifying third.

Again at the start of the race, Yorks opened up a huge lead and took the win, with Plante finishing second and Rutzky taking third.

Thunder comes after lightning, and in the Thunder race group on Saturday, five Corvettes battled for PTA supremacy. Brian Bower blistered the track in his Z06 and qualified first with a lap time of 1:34.673. Mark Nunnally was just .165 seconds behind in his Corvette. Scott Perkins qualified one second behind Nunnally for the third spot. Overall lap times for the entire PTA grid were within two seconds of one another.

The field got a great start and had a battle to the top position, with Mark Nunnally taking the lead from Brian Bowers and winning the race by just 1.8 seconds. Perkins finished where he started in third.

In Sunday’s Thunder race group, it was Mark Nunnally qualifying first, besting the previous day’s top time with a 1.33.408. Even Scott Perkins’ second-place qualifying time was faster than Saturday’s pole at 1.33.821. Brian Bowers qualified in third.

At the start, Mark Nunnally got the jump, and capitalized on a large lead he never relinquished. Brian Bowers was able to take the second spot on the podium after Scott Perkins developed mechanical issues late in the race. Morris Morgan, who qualified fourth, ended up in third place, even though he was one lap down.

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