From left: Jim Gorman took second at the Turkey Trot at Carolina Motorsports Park, with Dawn Stowers, Stephen Pearce in first, Laura Patton Parkhurst and Jim Gorman in third.

The weekend started off with sunshine and very cool weather, so we knew the Hondas would be running good. Stephen Pearce set the fastest lap in qualifying for Honda Challenge followed by Jim Gorman, Rob Oxford, Andrew Meek and John Reamer finishing up the class. Even though Andrew Meek and John Reamer ran in H2 trim today, they were hanging in the pack.

When the green flag dropped, Stephen Pearce got a good start, but so did everyone else, and they were nose to tail for nearly two laps. At that point, the Toyo tires heated up and Stephen Pearce started to pick up the pace and soon disappeared from the rest of the Hondas, and got within .8 seconds of the H1 lap record. Close, but no cigar. John Reamer developed a shimmy and retired.

Sliding his Honda through most corners trying to keep up with Jim Gorman, Rob Oxford could not keep up with his pace and gets to watch his yellow rear bumper for long 35 minutes. Stephen Pearce never looked back and drove on to the win in his S2000 with a 30-second gap to the next competitor. Second place went to Jim Gorman, and finishing third on the podium, was Rob Oxford.

Sunday’s race weather was the same, sunny and cool and the race was set for 45 minutes. We all knew the tires and brakes were in for a good beating. We had a big change-up on grid as John Reamer in his H2 trim Integra shocked the competition by setting the pole 2 full seconds ahead of the rest of the pack.

When the green flag dropped, John Reamer wasted no time showing why and how he set the pole. Followed close by Jim Gorman, Rob Oxford and Andrew Meek they all ran single file for the first 15 minutes of the race. At this point John Reamer started to overshoot a few corners, so Jim Gorman showed him his wheel a few times and after a few laps made the pass and Rob Oxford went with him.

Jim Gorman and Rob Oxford set a new pace until Jim Gorman started overshooting a few turns. This is when Rob Oxford made the pass on Jim Gorman and puts a gap on both Jim and John. After 45 minutes of green- track racing Rob Oxford took the checker flag in first place followed by Jim Gorman in second place and John Reamer in third place.



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