Michael Neuman took three wins at Autobahn Country Club in July. No. 707 Stuart Killian took two second-place finishes and one third.

Autobahn Country Club greeted NASA Great Lakes with beautiful dry and unseasonably mild summer weather with seven entries in PTE and one each in PTC and PTD. PTE racers welcomed newly licensed Robert Ellis with his 1987 VW Scirocco into the PTE field.

Race one started with Michael Neuman in back of the PT field because he did not go out for qualifying. Stuart Killian was on pole. Team Weber and Steve Killian had an excellent start and worked through traffic early on and stayed in first and second respectively for the first five laps. Neuman moved through traffic into third place until lap five when he passed Steve Killian and then Team Weber the next lap.

Once Neuman was ahead of the PTE pack, he was unreachable. Meanwhile, father and son Steve and Stuart Killian battled, but once Stuart was able to pass his father, he only had Team Weber and Neuman in his sights. For a little while Team Weber was fighting to keep second and was able to stay ahead for several more laps until his rear tires lost grip, letting him fall back to fourth where he stayed the remainder of the race. The end result for podium was Neuman first, Stuart Killian second and then Steve Killian in third.

Neuman did not qualify again Sunday, which had Team Weber starting on pole for PTE, followed by Stuart and Steve Killian. Team Weber worked through the 944 traffic early and pulled a pretty good lead on the rest of the PTE field. Neuman caught Team Weber a few laps later and made the pass for the lead. Stuart Killian was never able to catch Team Weber, because it took him a while to get clear of 944 traffic. The final podium results were Neuman in first, Team Weber in second, Stuart Killian in third followed by Spiegel, Chris Weber and then Ellis. Zach Arnold set a new PTC record of 1:35.994.

Race three had some changes with five left to start the PTE race and one each in PTC, PTD and PTF. Neuman had pole position and established a comfortable lead early on, allowing him to set a new PTE track record of 1:37.240 while he led the entire race. The intense battle for second between Team Weber and Stuart Killian was a heck of a show. Unfortunately for Team Weber, a missed shift due to a shift lever breaking on the last lap of the race let Stuart take the pass for second leaving Team Weber in third.


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