NASA Southeast Time Trial Winners from Roebling Road Raceway

Roebling Road Raceway is a favorite among NASA Southeast competitors. Deceptively simple, Roebling Road seems like one of those tracks that takes a few laps to learn and a lifetime to master.

NASA Southeast Time Trial drivers descended on Roebling Road in April to face off for the quickest lap times. Here’s who came out on top.


No. 71 Terry Mathis, a NASA National Champion, ran unopposed in TT1, but he ran the quickest lap in all of Time Trial that weekend at Roebling, including TTU cars.


Michael Tomany took the top spot in TT2 in his Ford Mustang GT, edging out John Umberger and Fred Evans.


No. 77 Jason Rucker dominated TT4 in his Nissan 350Z in April at Roebling.


Boston Maler took the TT5 win over two other S2000s, two BMWs and one Mazda Miata.


TT6 was one of the two largest classes at Roebling. On Saturday, Ed De Oliveira took the top spot in his 1.6-liter Miata.
Nishant Patel had the track figured out by Sunday in TT6, and he took the top spot in his Mazda Miata.


Tracy Gaudu notched the top time in TTU on Saturday in her C6 Z06. On Sunday, Gerry Hansen took the top spot in TTU.
Images courtesy of Bill Land, Marcus Lo and Eric Czajkowski

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