Time Trial action at Willow Springs International Raceway in May showcased a thrilling display of driving prowess and technical mastery. NASA SoCal TT participants competed in different classes, exhibiting the sheer power and elegance of their vehicles. Saturday and Sunday saw intense competition, with different winners for each category.

Time Trial 1

In Saturday’s TT1 class, Mark Luton emerged as the winner with a best lap time of 1:29.296, achieved in session two. Luton was driving a sleek, blue Ford Mustang, backed by his sponsor Modular Motorsports. Coming in second was Richard Gray with his Mazda Elan NP01, hitting a best time of 1:29.590 in session three. The top three for the day was completed by Carlos Mejia in a yellow Corvette Z06, whose fastest lap time was 1:31.691 set in session four.

Sunday’s TT1 results were a little different. Mark Luton still took the lead, although his overall best time was slightly slower at 1:29.555, set in session one. Carlos Mejia moved up a position, securing second place with a fastest lap time of 1:34.158 set in session one. The third spot went to Derrin Griffin in his Ford Mustang, sponsored by Wild Pony, with a time of 1:44.142 in session two.

Time Trial 2

In the TT2 class, Saturday’s champion was Nickolas Whiting in a Toyota Supra, hitting a best time of 1:37.835 in session two. He repeated this success on Sunday, albeit with a slower time of 1:48.806 in session two.

Time Trial 3

The TT3 class on Saturday saw Team Land Yacht Racing take the lead with an Infiniti G37S, setting a best time of 1:29.868 in session two. However, on Sunday, Team Max Boost took the crown with a best time of 1:31.113 in session one with their Ford Mustang.

Time Trial 5

In the TT5 class, Team Rotary Heads came out on top both days, posting a fastest time of 1:33.487 on Saturday and 1:33.777 on Sunday, both times set in session one in a Mazda Miata. The team’s unique sponsor was ‘credit card.’

Time Trial 6

Saturday’s TT6 class was dominated by Team Mick Blue Racing in a BMW 325i, with a top time of 1:38.741 set in session two. They maintained their lead on Sunday with a best time of 1:38.001 in session one.

Time Trial Unlimited

Finally, in the TTU class, Victor DeGuzman came out on top on Saturday with a best lap time of 1:38.335 in session two. However, the tables turned on Sunday when James Sullivan stole the show with a Chevrolet Z06, posting a best time of 1:36.435 in session one.

All in all, the TT competition was full of thrilling twists and turns, with impressive performances from drivers in all classes. We are eagerly looking forward to the next set of races and are excited to see what these remarkable drivers can achieve.



Images courtesy of caliphotography.com, Herb Lopez and COPYRIGHT ARTHUR ROURKE,ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


  1. Thanks for the article, would be great to have links to the individual TT classes, so when I send it out, they go right to mine 🙂

    J (Driver for Team Rotary Heads)

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