NASA Hawaii hosted a day-into-night rallycross event at Coral Crater in O’ahu, Hawaii.

February’s Night RallyCross was exciting! Thanks for everyone’s support and help in getting things to run smoothly. NASA Hawaii welcomed 33 participants Coral Crater for a day-into-night rally event.

We would like to thank Race Ready Fitness and Magnolia Spa for their sponsorship support, our Kauai Rally friends for all the help with logistics and for bringing Rally to Kauai. Also special thanks to Robert, Clinton and Elgen for providing cones and course setup. Thanks to Coral Crater for being great hosts.

With all the Coronavirus concerns, NASA Hawaii may have to reschedule events. We will coordinate with our venues, the government and NASA National to make scheduling decisions. We’ll update everyone once we get more details.

Coral Crater’s manager said they would be happy to have us return. We even discussed organizing some of our members helping Coral Crater improve more routes for our use. If you’re interested in helping with those efforts, contact Avery Tsui.

We’re still smiling at how exciting it was to take the off-camber left, then transitioning into the hairpin. It was especially exciting at night! The downshift and threshold braking before the right turn into the turn-around finish was also very technical! See you next time.

Image courtesy of Avery Tsui

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