NASA Arizona Super Touring Kicks Off 2021 at Arizona Motorsports Park

NASA Arizona began its 2021 racing season at Arizona Motorsports Park in Litchfield Park, Ariz.

We kicked off the NASA Arizona Super Touring 2021 season at Arizona Motorsports Park in January, and it was interesting to say the least. Some unusually warm weather led to some great racing conditions after a close call with rain the day before.

Arizona Motorsports Park, known as “Arizona’s Safest Road Course,” is a 2.26-mile, 16-turn reversible track with a few passing zones and one big challenge: a sound restriction that forces the NASA crew to set up a single file of cones on one section of the track to ensure that competitors remain compliant with the local sound ordinance.

Saturday the track was run in the clockwise configuration, and the Super Touring competitors kicked off the season with gusto: In a mixed-class race with 944 Spec and Spec Miata, pole position went to Ken Orgeron in his No. 199 BMW M3, followed by Erik Davis in the No. 6 M3 and Chris Wynne in the No. 50 Mustang. Tage Evanson rounded out the Super Touring group in his No. 17 Honda Civic having missed qualifying.

As the race kicked off, Orgeron and Davis immediately pitched a closely matched battle while Wynne threw his Mustang off track in the first lap — a continuing tradition. Evanson quickly moved up through the pack eventually taking the lead in a narrow margin of victory, just 0.303 seconds.

Chris Wynne took second in ST2 behind Tage Evanson by a margin of .303 seconds.

The ST3 class featured the close battle of the BMWs as Ken Orgeron took first place in class with Erik Davis less than a second later across the line. Elliot Freireich in the No. 15 Spec Ford Racer rounded out the podium in ST3. ST4 was won by Ricky Johnson in his No. 00 Mini Cooper whose fast lap pace was faster than half of the ST3 field!

Ken Orgeron took pole position at the NASA Arizona season opener at Arizona Motorsports Park and went on to take the ST3 class win on Saturday.

Sunday’s race featured a slightly smaller field, with Davis taking the honors on pole position with a blistering 1:42.758, followed by Ken Orgeron with a 1:44.081. Brian Turner in his No. 524 Porsche 911 and Chris Wynne rounded out the second row.

No. 6 Erik Davis took pole position on Sunday, but suspension failure ended his day early.

The race start featured some clean, close racing, but by the end of the second lap a suspension failure on Davis’ BMW took him out of the lead and ended his race early – though setting an ST3 track record in the process of 1:42.308! Ken Orgeron was able to cruise to victory, winning the race overall and in class. Brian Turner turned in a second-place finish after a long battle out of class with Wynne and the ST3 podium was rounded out with Freireich again. The race ended with a red flag early due to several cars being disabled after incidents in other classes that required safety workers to be on the ground.

Ricky Johnson in his No. 00 Mini Cooper won ST4 on Saturday, but ran unopposed on Sunday. Johnson’s fast lap was faster than half of the ST3 field!


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