The competition at Chuckwalla Raceway was intense over the Feb. 17-18 weekend as drivers in the Spec E30 class pushed their BMW’s to their limits.

On Saturday, the newly painted Boston green metallic BMW 325is driven by Sean Aron claimed victory, which included the fastest lap for him at 2:06.675. Hot on his heels was the black and neon yellow BMW 325i of Team Mick Blue Racing, finishing a razor-thin 0.232 seconds behind, but with a faster best lap time of 2:06.542. Marcelo Calcagnotto secured third place in his white BMW 325i, crossing the finish line 4.927 seconds after Aron, and boasting the fastest lap of the race at 2:05.659.

On Sunday, Team Build My Wealth Racing elbowed its way to the front, taking the win and setting a best lap time of 2:05.550. Matthew Ibrahim was in pursuit, and finished 6.555 seconds later in his red BMW 325i with a best lap just a hair slower at 2:05.559. Team Mick Blue Racing made a consistent appearance in the top three, taking third place in the black and neon yellow BMW 325i with a time difference of 4.617 seconds behind Ibrahim and a best lap of 2:05.948.

The skill of the drivers was clear as they navigated the 2.690-mile track, each seeking the checkered flag. The weekend races provided a spectacular showcase of talent and precision driving in the Spec E30 class.



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