Michael Weber picked up the PTE win in the rain at Mid-Ohio on Saturday. David Zeigler won on Sunday.

Saturday’s weather for the Pro Course started out cloudy and dry for practice and qualifying sessions, but by the time the Lightning race began, it started to rain. Only one PTD competitor, Derek Schardt, braved the start on his slicks but retired after one lap. Meanwhile, the PTE race was one to watch. PTE was in the last grid positions from 47 through 51. The rain made green flag visibility for the race start difficult. Michael Weber seized the opportunity in his front-wheel-drive Infiniti G20, and charged hard on the start with Stuart following right behind him. Weber, however, continued hard-charging and quickly gapped Stuart with a healthy lead.

Dave Ziegler had lost his pole position spot due to failing dyno compliance check after qualifying, but worked his way from being in grid spot 50 to first passing Steve Killian and then Aaron Spiegel several laps into the race. Ziegler eventually caught up with Stuart Killian, passing him about midrace but the gap between first and second was too wide for the typical battle we’ve seen in the past. Ultimately Weber finished fifth overall and first in PTE with over a minute lead to Zeigler in second, Stuart Killian in third, Spiegel in fourth and Steve Killian in fifth.

Sunday was the “dry day” on the Club Course configuration. Two PTD and five PTE competitors started and completed this race. In PTD, Schardt had a fantastic race, ultimately lapping his competitor Jim Ginter. In the PTE field, Ziegler was on pole with a great start that granted him a comfortable lead from flag to flag. The Killians were the duo to watch because they had an intense battle with single digit gaps the entire race. Meanwhile, Chris Weber was piloting the Infiniti G20 this race with fourth and fifth well gapped from the podium positions. Finishing order for this race had Ziegler in first, Stuart in second, Steve Killian in third, Spiegel in fourth followed by Weber in fifth. — Chris Weber

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