At the SoCal season opener with NASA Arizona at its second event at Chuckwalla Raceway, the 944 Spec class delivered an exhilarating performance, with drivers fiercely contesting each lap.

On Saturday, national champion Marcelo Vine in his distinctive black and yellow Porsche 944 took the top spot  on the podium, completing the race in with the fastest lap a swift 2:03.850. Chuck Sharp secured second place in the standings, trailing Vine by 20.843 seconds, and recording his best lap at 2:06.857. Josh Cleye wasn’t far behind, finishing third in his green 944 just 0.268 seconds behind Sharp, and with a best lap of 2:06.764.

Continuing his dominance on Sunday, Marcelo Vine again led the field, this time with an even faster best lap of 2:03.123. Josh Cleye repeated his podium finish, coming in second with a best lap time of 2:04.011, demonstrating consistency and skill. Charles Sharp moved up to take the third position, with his fastest lap clocking in at 2:05.842.

The weekend’s races emphasized not only the drivers’ abilities but also the enduring appeal and performance of the classic Porsche 944.



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