From left: Andrew Pinkerton, Melinda Ball, David Isbell and Stephen Pearce celebrated their podium finishes in Honda Challenge 1 on Saturday at the Pumpkin Run races at Road Atlanta in October.

The weekend started off with David Isbell setting the fastest lap in qualifying followed by Team Battle Ready Racing with driver Andrew Pinkerton then Rob Oxford and Stephen Pearce. As the race started, David Isbell jumped out to a lead but by the fourth lap a bad accident caused a full-course yellow to bunch up the field. On the restart, David Isbell and Andrew Pinkerton were able to put a gap separating them from the rest of the field. Stephen Pearce caught Rob Oxford sleeping at the wheel and on the restart and moved up to third position with ease. Stephen Pearce and Rob Oxford swapped positions three or four more times throughout the remainder of the race keeping both drivers at their limits. David Isbell pressed on for the win with a fast pace of 1:39.00. Second place went to Andrew Pinkerton, and finishing third on the podium was Stephen Pearce.

Sunday’s race started with a new lineup for Team Battle Ready Racing with Vincent Coker at the wheel. A little shakeup on the qualifying putting Rob Oxford in P2 had some thinking the old man was going to show the young guns who is boss. Well, those who know the old man know he needs help with traffic management, and Vincent Coker wasted no time passing him by Turn 1. Soon after the start, Stephen Pearce put a move on Rob Oxford sliding into third. While the race went the full 45 minutes with very few local yellows, they all were hoping they put enough fuel in the cars to cover more than 60 miles of racing. At the checker flag we had David Isbell in first, Vincent Coker in second and Stephen Pearce in third.


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