In Honda Challenge 4, No. 20 Paul Carr-Rollitt took the win on Saturday and No. 38 Loren Fancy emerged victorious on Sunday.

The NASA SoCal race at Willow Springs in May proved to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle as drivers put their skills and machines to the test on the 2.5-mile circuit.

On Saturday, in Honda Challenge 4, Paul Carr-Rollitt led the pack in a white Acura Integra with a fastest lap time of 1:38.416. Following close behind was Loren Fancy with a minor time difference of .014 seconds. Fancy, sponsored by National Papers and L&R Racing, was behind the wheel of a blue and silver Acura Integra, clocking a best lap time of 1:38.984. Greg Karr completed the top three, trailing the leader by 16.182 seconds in his red Honda Civic, his fastest lap was 1:39.213.

The 944 Spec class saw Kalem Fletcher leading the pack in a blue Porsche 944, clocking a best time of 1:37.174. He was followed by Charles Buzzetti, who was sponsored by Precision Polishing, trailing by 5.263 seconds in his black and blue Porsche 924s. Third place was taken by Gian Bowles, sponsored by DJ SirGio, with a time difference of 6.109 seconds and a fastest lap time of 1:38.261.

No. 81 Kalem Fletcher was able to get the better of No. 986 Charlie Buzzetti to take first place in 944 Spec on Saturday, but Buzzetti fought back to take the win on Sunday.

On Sunday, the competition escalated. In Honda Challenge 4, Fancy seized the first spot with a fastest lap time of 1:37.809. Carr-Rollitt, now trailing by 0.644 seconds, landed in second place, while Christian Issaeian, sponsored by Signature Lenders, came third, trailing Fancy by 4.912 seconds with a fastest lap time of 1:38.380.

The 944 Spec class had a change in leadership with Charles Buzzetti, thanks to Precision Polishing sponsorship, taking the helm with a fastest lap of 1:38.670. Kalem Fletcher was second, trailing Buzzetti by 18.601 seconds, and Carl Atwood, sponsored by Chief Mold USA, Inc., secured third place with a time difference of 31.486 seconds and a fastest lap time of 1:39.610.

Overall, the weekend was a thrilling showcase of speed, skill, and intense competition. The NASA SoCal event left audiences in anticipation for the next big race.



Turn 9 delivered another lesson during the Sunday 944 Spec Race at Willow Springs, fortunately with no carnage as a result.

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