Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is a 1.8-mile track, with 10 turns, trees, multiple grandstands, ponds, snapping turtles, ice cream and Connie! This is one of the favorite tracks on the calendar and the Hallett Summer Shootout one of the favorite events. With turns named, “The Bitch” and “Dead Horse,” how could it not be? Connie welcomes us every year with her smile, hugs and her unique sense of humor.

For the first race on Saturday, Chris Haldeman led the field of 27 Miatas after grabbing the pole with a 1:28.732, with the outside pole sitter Vaughn Duarte and the top eight all running 1:29s. The top eight were separated by less than a second. Chris Haldeman led the field into Turn 1 and never faltered. He won the race by 5-plus seconds over Vaughn Duarte and Danny Soufi. The hard charger was Sally Landon, who moved up five spots to finish P22. The fastest lap was set by Chris Haldeman with a 1:29.481. Teen Mazda Challenge drivers finished as follows: Soufi, third, Deriann Taylor, sixth, Warren Dexter, seventh, Ryan Dexter, ninth and Ben Rail, 11th.
In race two, the field lined up as they finished in race one. Once again Chris Haldeman took the lead and piled on the speed. He again finished 5-plus seconds ahead of the field, earning him the win and the fastest lap at 1:29.435. Again, Duarte finished second, with Daniel Williams in third. TMC drivers finished as follows: Soufi, fourth, W. Dexter, seventh, Taylor, eighth, Rail, 10th and R. Dexter, 11th.

Saturday night at Hallett is celebrated with fireworks, socializing and food. This is one of my favorite tracks as a fan. Bleachers in several spots, family and dog friendly, and just nice down-home people who volunteer year after year. From the guys who open the gates over Turn 10, to the photographer, Connie and the numerous corner workers, they all make this a can’t-miss race.

For Sunday’s Championship race, we started the field by averaging the finish of the first two races on Saturday. Fresh off two victories from race one and two, Haldeman led 26 Miatas to the start. Once again, Haldeman had rocket fuel in his tank, finishing with his third victory of the weekend and the fastest lap of 1:29.506. His margin of victory was more than 15 seconds. The top 16 finished on the lead lap. Duarte finished second and Justin Crickenberger came in third. TMC Drivers finished as follows: Soufi in fourth, R. Dexter in sixth, Taylor in seventh, Rail in 10th and W. Dexter 25th.

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