The Pot of Gold event at Road Atlanta on March 9-10 was a turning point for 944 Spec in the Southeast. With a record five racecars on track racing and three more in the HPDE classes, it was a fine showing to impress 944 Spec National Director Eric Kuhns, who came down to show his support and shatter his standing track record with a 01:44.724.

The weekend started out Friday with our newest racer John Duffy going through Comp school. Congratulations to the “Duffman” on acquiring his provisional license. While Duffy was in class, Jason Werner, Eric Kuhns and Michael Dearstyne spent time in the HPDE3 field with Fred Toler, who really appreciated the help with his lines and getting him familiar with being in a pack. Toler has a real future as a racer.

In Saturday’s race we had the following qualifying order. Eric Kuhns was in the number one spot. Dearstyne was way behind him by nearly 4 seconds. The rest of the field, Brian Evans, Jason Werner and John Duffy all had to start at the back since they were rookies still working on their provisional licenses. The race went off without a hitch, with the rookies all bunched in a pack and loving it, which was very entertaining to watch. Dearstyne, on the other hand, spent the entire race watching Kuhns’ car get smaller and smaller. The finishing order was Kuhns in first, Dearstyne in second and Evans in third.

Sunday’s race was between only three racers because Werner had to drop with a mechanical problem, and the Duffman with a medical. The qualifying was the same as Saturday, but the racing was a little less exciting. Lots of yellows made for a slower pace — but it still beats working.

NASA Southeast would like to thank Eric Kuhns for coming down and spending so much time with our guys. The training on Friday with Toler was priceless, as were the lessons with the TraqMate on Saturday.

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