The NASA Great Lakes weekend in May at Mid-Ohio brought intense competition and demonstrated exceptional skill and sportsmanship from the drivers across all classes.


In NASA Prototype, Gobel Newsome secured the first position in his Élan NP01 car with a fastest lap time of 1:34.904. Close behind, Harry Colson in his Sebeco NP01 followed 1.867 seconds later. Colson’s best lap was clocked at 1:36.610.

In Super Touring 5, Cagri Yilmaz came in first in his Mazda MX-5, with a time of 1:40.064. Jonathan Davis, also in a Mazda Miata, and Tyler Chambers in his Honda S2000 came second and third, finishing 2.704 and 6.259 seconds after Yilmaz, respectively. Davis and Chambers clocked their best lap times at 1:39.927 and 1:43.144.

In the Super Touring 6 category, Christopher Armbruster took the first spot in his Mazda Miata with a fast lap time of 1:43.221. Following Armbruster were Isaac Beekman in his BMW Z3 and Michael Weber in his Mazda Miata, trailing by 1.335 and 4.589 seconds, respectively. Their fastest lap times were 1:43.329 and 1:45.918.

The Thunder Roadster GTR class was led and won by Jason Oehler. He secured first place with a lap at 1:35.970. James Wheeler and Derrek Morehead were second and third, finishing 0.661 and 56.330 seconds after Oehler, respectively. Their best lap times were 1:35.490 and 1:35.933.

In the 944 Spec, Bart Welte took the first place with a fast lap at 1:46.894. Pete Yousko and Parker Bursk trailed Welte by 9.442 and 14.817 seconds, respectively. Their best lap times were 1:46.785 and 1:50.437.

In American Iron, Bob Collins in his Ford Mustang took the top spot with a fast lap of 1:38.798. Keith Powell, also in a Ford Mustang, finished second, trailing Collins by just 0.643 seconds. Powell’s best lap time was 1:38.813. The third spot was secured by Gabe Gutierrez, who was driving a Ford Mustang Boss 302R, and finished one lap behind Collins. His best lap time was 1:44.094.

In American Iron Xtreme, Dustin Drollinger, Jeffrey Henderson, and Roy Mahany took the top three spots.


In Lightning race two in NP01 on Sunday, Harry Colson in his Sebeco NP01 took first place on Saturday, finishing with a fastest lap at 1:36.218. However, in race three on Sunday, Gobel Newsome in his Élan NP01 took his second race in three races that weekend.

Super Touring 5 saw Jonathan Davis win in race two with a scorching 1:39.508. He was followed by Cagri Yilmaz who was 0.563 seconds behind. In Super Touring 6, Christopher Armbruster took the first position, finishing with a fast lap of 1:43.129. Isaac Beekman came in second, just 0.452 seconds behind the leader in his BMW Z3.

In the Thunder Roadster GTR class, Jason Oehler set a new track record with a fastest lap of 1:34.541 on Saturday and won the race. He was closely followed by Derrek Morehead who was 0.844 seconds behind and James Wheeler who was 2.096 seconds behind. In race three, James Wheeler took the win, followed by Morehead and Oehler.

In 944 Spec, Bart Welte took first place again with a 1:45.412. He was followed by Pete Yousko who was 6.698 seconds behind and Parker Bursk who was 41.500 seconds behind. Race three had the same finishing order.

In the Thunder group’s American Iron class, Bob Collins driving a Ford Mustang emerged as the winner in race two with fastest lap time of 1:37.597. He was closely followed by Keith Powell, also in a Ford Mustang, who finished 13.770 seconds difference to first place, and a fastest lap time of 1:38.058. Gabe Gutierrez finished third in American Iron. In race three, Bob Collins emerged victorious again with a fast lap at 1:36.210. Keith Powell, with a time difference of 13.770 seconds to first place, finished second.

American Iron Xtreme saw Ryan Frahm in a Ford FP350S triumph with a best lap time of 1:34.121. This was the same car Dustin Drollinger drove to victory in AIX on Saturday. The second spot was claimed by Jeffrey Henderson driving a Ford Mustang GT, finishing one lap behind Frahm. Roy Mahany came in third. For AIX race three, the finishing order was the same except that Mahany was not in the mix.

In race two in Camaro-Mustang Challenge, the winner was Kent Owens in a Pontiac Firebird, posting a fastest lap time of 1:40.590. TJ Bain came in second, with Peter Loftus in third. For race three in CMC, Derek Wright bested Owens for the win. Second and third positions were secured by Tom Long and Peter Loftus, driving a Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird respectively, both finishing one lap behind Wright.



Image courtesy of Jeremy Bryner

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