Some Intercontinental Spec Cayman cars joined the crowded GTSU field at Road Atlanta in March.

Spring was in the air in north Georgia as the GTS drivers convened at Road Atlanta for the NASA Pot-O-Gold Rush on March 9 and 10. The freezing weather from the previous week gave way to mild and dry temperatures. It was simply perfect weather for racing.

As a special treat for the crowd, the Intercontinental Spec Cayman cars were on hand to join the crowded GTSU field. These were not only stunningly beautiful cars, but they also blended well with their German cousins on track in the Thunder race group.

On Saturday, it looked like Troy Talamantez was going to take the checkered flag in GTSU because his car was turning laps of 1:32, but a retirement in lap 17 allowed Dan Martinson’s ITC Cayman to win the class with a best lap time of 1:33:691.

In the Lightning race group, Bob Nonneman’s Porsche 964 C2 took the GTS3 honors. Rafael Torres won GTS2 in an “almost” too fast BMW 325is, and Greg Mullin squeezed out John Mock for the GTS1 crown in a classic 944 battle.

On Sunday, Tim Fox’s Cayman took the GTSU win in Thunder during a short 12-lap race. GTS1 and GTS2 were still won by Mullin and Torres, but James Green took the checkered in GTS3. A strong No. 2 finish by Thomas Crookster’s VW GTI over the 944s was the highlight of the GTS1 race.

It was a wonderful weekend with great friends, great fun and great racing.

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