Luke Perkowski took advantage of a competitor’s mistakes and took second place in all three races at Gingerman in June.

NASA Midwest and Great Lakes regions battled it out at Gingerman June 22 and 23 with GTS showing a solid field. It threatened to rain a number of times throughout the weekend, but the weather held steady. However the heat and surface made for quite a few trips into the agriculture.

The exciting bit was that no one really dominated the weekend, so there was a lot of great close racing going on. Notably we saw GTS3 hot shoe Stefan Sajic in the Zima Motorsports BMW M3 duking it out with GTS newcomer Ryan Upham piloting his TeamWIN BMW M3 throughout the weekend. In the end, Sajic triumphed in races one and two. Upham took race three in which Sajic was a DNS.

Luke Perkowski was there in his EFFEKTIV Motorsport M3 to take advantage of Upham’s mistakes (failure to impound in race one, ran out of gas in race two) and happily took the second spot in GTS3 in all three races that weekend. Korey Deason’s THA/CCSC/OS Giken/Hard MS M3 had some setup shortcomings, but was good for two appearances on the third podium step. Robert Wisen also scored a third-place finish that weekend in his Porsche 996 Cup car.

In GTS4 Denny Pedri in the Rislone/Turret Tooling/ACP Racing BMW M3 edged out Chris Streit’s Porsche GT3 sponsored by MotoDelta/ ProRaceStore/ AlconKits in races one and two. Both drivers sustained severe tire wear and did not run the third race.

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