Mike Ward drove his Porsche Cayman to victory in a crowded GTS4 class on Saturday at Mid-Ohio in April. Denny Pedri took the GTS4 win Sunday.

The GTS4 field was set at Mid-Ohio in April with Mike Ward on the pole and John Mauro on the outside, but come race time Mauro was held in grid for appearing too late.

The GTS5 pole was then left to Brian Hicks followed by Todd Sloan and Robert Wisen. Sloan worked his way up to the front by lap 11. Mauro charged through 62 cars and by lap 12 he was contending for the lead with Sloan. After pressure from Mauro, Sloan spun entering Madness to leave the lead to Mauro. Mauro took first followed by Hicks and Wisen.

In GTS4 Mike Ward had a lead at the start no one could overcome, and led from start to finish. Denny Pedri charged to the front, passing all but Ward and took second with Brant Geire in third. In post race dyno activity Pedri was found to have too much power.

Ralf Lindackers gridded in the front of GTS3, followed by Scott Berkowitz and Konstantinos Kouretas. As the green flag flew Berkowitz’s day ended as he lost his radiator cap. Lindackers led from flag to flag, but again, the dyno took its toll and he was put out by a small margin. That put Kouretas in first, with Lewis in second and McIntyre in third.

The qualifying grid in GTS2 saw Zach Arnold in the front followed by Matt Wasilenski and Luke Perkowski. Perkowski’s second turned out to be a first as, again, the dyno took its toll and Arnold fell victim to an over-power condition.

GTSU fielded Carl Fausett and Jon Wilson, who had a good battle Saturday, but Fausett had a sticking throttle pedal that could not be fixed at the track, which ended his weekend.

On Sunday, GTS5 was led by Mauro with Wisen to his outside and Hicks behind. Wisen fell out of the race early for clutch issues leaving the win to Mauro followed by Hicks.

GTS4 had Ward, Pedri, and then Lindackers, who moved up to GTS4 after his Saturday dyno. Ward and Pedri had a great battle all race long. Pedri moved past Ward on lap 10, but Ward stayed on the heals of Pedri until the end. They were followed by Lindackers in third.

GTS3 gridded with Berkowitz, Kouretas, McIntyre, and Keller. Now, with his issues repaired, Berkowitz kept his position all race long followed by Kouretas in second and McIntyre in third.

GTS2 gridded with Arnold in the lead and Wasilewski and Perkowski. In lap two, Wasilewski locked up the brakes in Keyhole and went off, giving the position to Perkowski. The last lap turned out to be his best, for his race and his personal best. The finish line saw Arnold win with Perkowski in second and Wasilewski in third.

GTSU was an uncontested race for Jon Wilson whose race ended after the first lap.




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