No. 10 Mark Drennan scored three wins in Spec Miata in May at Sonoma Raceway.

With a season-high 36 entries, Spec Miata had the biggest field for the May event at Sonoma Raceway! Mark Drennan set pole with Justin Casey and Graham Downey close behind in morning qualifying. Race one saw a clean start until the two- and three-wide action caught up with the middle of the pack, sending four cars spinning over 3a. All continued, though a few went right back to the paddock with damage. As Casey and Downey battled for P2, it allowed Drennan to slowly slip away to a comfortable 4-second win! Casey won the P2 battle as Downey hung onto P3 followed by Nick Sommers and George Barros rounding out the top five. Nick Sommers grabbed fast-lap honors. Tony Senese lead the hard charger award, from moving up 14 positions.

NASA NorCal likes to mix things up, and Sunday was no exception. With NASCAR at Sonoma the following weekend, it was decided Group A would run the NASCAR configuration! Drennan again was the driver to beat as he took wins in race one and race two on Sunday. Race one saw Casey win a drag race to the line .2 seconds over Downey. Brad Rampelberg and Roy Fulmer IV rounded out the top five. Michael Cummings gained hard charger award, with 12 positions gained!

Race two was a little closer contest because Downey stayed in Drennan’s mirror, finishing .7 seconds behind at the flag. Casey, Rampelberg and Garrett Dixon completed the top five. Milas Mills and Tony Heyer gained seven positions each in the hard charger battle.

With close to 60 cars on track in group A for three races, drivers kept it clean enough to create no double yellows all weekend! Next event will be August 4-5 at Thunderhill raceway.

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