Broderick Bauguess bounced back from an off-track excursion at the Kink and fought back from sixth place to take the win on Saturday at Carolina Motorsports Park. A Spec E46 national champion, Bauguess took the win again on Sunday.

Cold and rainy made for a tough weekend of racing at Carolina Motorsports Park. On Saturday Teen Mazda Challenge racer Camden Gruber claimed pole position in the rain with a 2:12.042 followed by Tyler Harrell, Broderick Bauguess, Yan Dia, Don Elvington and James Harrell. With a steady rain at the start, the field got through Turn 1 clean with the order shaking out to be Gruber P1 followed by T. Harrell, Bauguess, Dia, Elvington and J. Harrell.

The action on lap one continued as J. Harrell picked off Elvington in the brake zone of Turn 8 to move up to P5 and then Bauguess went off in the Kink to drop back to sixth, but quickly recovered and passed Elvington heading in to Turn 12 to move up to P5. As Gruber began to gap the field, Bauguess picked off a car in each of the next three laps to move up to P2 , followed by T. Harrell, Dia, J. Harrell, and Elvington.

Conditions at Carolina Motorsports Park in February were challenging, with wet conditions and new pavement creating changing conditions.

On lap six, Gruber pushed too hard at the “lake” at the Kink and went off, dropping to P7. Two laps later, Elvington hydroplaned off the end of the straight at Turn 11. Gruber tried to fight back up to the front but ran out of time. Broderick Bauguess took the win, with Tyler Harrell P2, Yan Dia P3, Camden Gruber P4, James Harrell P5 and Keith Williamson P6.

On Sunday morning the rain held off, letting some of the standing water on the track subside, but not enough to establish a dry line. Camden Gruber won pole position again with a 2:03.453 followed by Tyler Harrell, Broderick Bauguess, James Harrell, Don Elvington and Connor DeYoung.

By race time the steady rain had returned. Bauguess got around Gruber in the first half of the race and started gapping the field. T. Harrell chased Gruber until lap 11 when he got a run coming out of the Carousel to pass Gruber for P2. Gruber continued to hound Tyler Harrell, but Harrell pushed hard to stay ahead and set fastest lap of the race. The race ended again with Broderick Bauguess winning and Tyler Harrell P2. Camden Gruber finished P3, James Harrell P4, Yan Dia P5 and Connor DeYoung P6.


Teen Mazda Challenge driver Camden Gruber won pole position both days at Carolina Motorsports Park in February. He finished fourth on Saturday and third on Sunday.
Image courtesy of Jim Voss

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