NASA Southeast returned to Roebling Road Raceway for the second time in the 2019 season for Spring Brake with 15 Spec Miata entries. Once again, the racers struggled with whether to go with slicks or rain tires. Early morning rain presented a wet track for warmup, but the track had dried as the qualifying approached. As the last Spec Miata pulled on to grid, it began raining again — too late to change to wets. Aiden Crouse took pole position with a 1:35.833, followed by Grant West, Bradley Miller, Yan Dia, Keith Williamson and Darren Brady.

After qualifying, the track dried again. But this time the rain returned in time for the racers to get rain tires installed for the race. On the start, the racers got through Turn 1 clean, but midway through Turn 2, Dia understeered off the track leaving the order Crouse, West, Miller, Williamson and Annika Carter.

Then, on the same lap, Miller got a run coming out of Turn 9 to pass West for P2. On the next lap, Miller got another run coming out of Turn 9 to pass Crouse for the lead and steadily pulled away from Crouse and West. Grant West continued to dog Crouse until lap 10 when he finally got the pass for P2, leaving the race to finish with Bradley Miller P1, West P2, Couse P3, Williamson P4, James Harrell P5 and Don Elvington P6.

No. 8 Bradley Miller leads No. 28 Aiden Baker Crouse and Bayani Dia on his way to two NASA Southeast Spec Miata wins at Roebling Road Raceway in April.

On Sunday, with a dry track, Miller won pole with a 1:23.231 with West P2, Crouse P3, Williamson P4, Dia P5 and Harrell P6. Following the green, Dia got inside of Williamson for P4 and when Williamson didn’t protect the inside approaching Turn 4, Griffith Hawk got inside to take P5. Miller and West then went through Turn 5 side by side closely followed by Crouse and Dia who also were side by side. This set the stage for much of the race as the four cars continued an epic battle in a tight pack for the next 25 laps.

Miller and West swapped positions a couple times, with West finally crossing the line first. Unfortunately, near the end of the race, West passed a lapper under yellow, giving the win to Miller followed by Crouse P2, Dia P3, Williamson P4, Hawk P5 and Harrell P6.


Image courtesy of Jim Voss

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