USTCC Champion Beau Borders will test with the TCR International Series in Valencia, Spain, in March. TCR races all over the world, often as support races for Formula 1.

Beau Borders won the 2015 United States Touring Car Championship title in his Hawk Performance, Competition Clutch, Sparta Evolution BMW M3. By winning the Championship, Borders won a free test in the TCR International Series in Valencia, Spain in March. The TCR International Series races all over the world, with some being support races to Formula 1. Winning the title means that Borders comes one step closer to being able to race in front of the huge Formula 1 crowds one day. Borders will not just represent USTCC when he straps himself into a car in Spain. He will represent every driver in NASA, and he will represent his country.

Borders became the 2015 USTCC Champion, but the 2016 Championship is still up for grabs and will start on April 16-17, 2016. Of course, Borders will try to defend his title in 2016 but that will be difficult with the expected arrival of numerous strong drivers and teams in 2016.

The USTCC is a professional touring car championship that is sanctioned by NASA and races primarily on the West Coast and is supported by over 25 partners who help fund the teams with awards and prizes. All races are broadcast exclusively on Final Drive TV.

TCR is a worldwide series using factory-built cars from Volkswagen, Seat, Honda, Opel, Subaru, Ford and Alfa Romeo. All cars are front-wheel drive and use 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines.


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