A glimpse at a reporter’s notebook from the 2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill reveals a lot about what went on at this year’s race.

In no particular order, 2018 marked the year in which more women drove in the race than any other. We saw a crash that took out one car on the first warmup lap. The team had a backup car, so they were able to race. We saw a fire safety truck spill its cabinets full of fire bottles in Turn 3 and trigger a full-course caution with just an hour left to go in the race. We discovered innovative new lighting systems. We saw epic and fast repairs in the hot pits.

We also witnessed the triumph of the human spirit, the kind that only the 25 Hours of Thunderhill can bring out. We saw new records set. We watched incredibly close in-class battles carry on till the very last lap. We discovered how winning teams were actually nursing their cars along, just to finish.

In the end, the Flying Lizard team scored a record fourth overall victory, but their story was only one from Thunderhill. Be sure to check out the rest of the class stories, for their struggles were every bit as challenging and real.

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